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Our Story

John began his motorcycle adventures in 2010 with a Yamaha YZF600R. After a year of riding, a break from riding was needed after an accident that resulted in a total loss of the motorcycle and some minor injuries. In 2014, he got the bike bug and purchased a Kawasaki Vulcan with a different mindset than when he started riding – safety. By 2015, John was a certified MSF Rider Coach. Although this lapsed due to military obligations and moving, the safety mindset did not.

In 2023, John went back to the MSF and obtained his Rider Coach certification once again. With a mindset of constant skill improvement, he began to search for advanced courses in the Augusta area. What he found was that there was only one option available within 150 miles and only a handful within an even further radius.

With this knowledge in hand, John began to develop Moto Masters to serve the Augusta area. With advanced training options under the Pro Rider curriculum, Moto Masters trains enthusiasts that want to improve their precision and control capabilities and defensive strategies and techniques from Augusta, Columbia, Savannah, Macon, and other areas.

The mission is simple: To provide advanced training for motorcycle enthusiasts that desire improvements in their own motorcycle safety. Keep it Vertical and Train With a Purpose!

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Keep It Vertical

Train With A Purpose

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